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David Walker – God is What I Make of Him

Here is the third post focusing on projects by David Walker’s.

God is What I Make of Him – David Walker

‘God is What I Make of Him’ Was a commission from Rochdale Art Gallery (Touchstones)

Eighteen places of worship covering fourteen denominations throughout the Rochdale area from Littleborough to Heywood. I was a representative of the Council, an outsider, a non-believer, and some would argue an intruder. The people I met were charming, helpful, and on the whole cheerful, but mostly what I found, and indeed what I came to photograph was a deep seated sadness and emptiness emanating from a dogged determination to defend their particular version of the truth.

The photographs were shown in DVD form on a 16ft screen with a music track by Aphex Twin. The presentation DVD package was designed by Christian Brett and the poem was devised by Steven Waling.