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Talking Picture no. 18: The Broxton Brothers — Daniel Meadows

The main pigeon man, resting in a wall.

Talking Picture no. 18: The Broxton Brothers

Robert and James Broxton, Easington Colliery, Co. Durham.  September 1974.

The Daniel Meadows Archive is at the Library of Birmingham, catalogue no: MS 2765.

Talking Picture no. 9: Mr Chadfield — Daniel Meadows

This week’s short movie by Daniel Meadows; Talking Picture no. 9: Mr Chadfield, the eighth release in the series of forty. Pigeon post in Stoke on Trent.


I will soon compile a list of books on a separate page, but for now…

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Also, a tenuous link. The recently published Pigeons by Stephen Gill is very good. Gill used a telescopic window-cleaner’s and a flash to get shots of pigeons living around the city.